Ghanaian Government Denies Alleged Addo’s Disparaging Comment on Nigeria

Michael Olugbode in Abuja

The Ghana government has denied a disparaging comment credited to its president, Akufo Addo on Nigeria and Nigerians.

The Ghanaian President in the report on the social media was alleged to have asked Nigerians to go back to their country and make it better.

The headline of the publication read: “Go Back to your Country and Make it Better- Nana Akufo tells Nigerians.”

The body of the report read: “The Nigerian government sending special envoys to us will never change the way we will govern our nation.

“The same Ghanaians you chased away in 1983 during Buhari administration is the same Ghanaians Nigerians are running to for shelter. We fought for a better Ghana with our blood by carrying out a revolution. We killed corrupt politicians for Ghana to be a new nation.

“Nigerians are being chased in South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, UAE, all over the world because of failed government. The government of Nigeria is a disgrace to democracy and justice in Africa. We expect Nigerian youths to wake up from their slumber for a better Nigeria.”

But reacting to the publication, the Ghanaian government, in a statement released to the Nigerian media by Ghana High Commission in Nigeria on Monday said: “The attention of Ghanaian officials has been drawn to another spurious publication by faceless individuals,who are hell bent on destroying the very cordial and brotherly relations existing between our leaders (President Akufo Addo and President Buhari).

“President Akufo Addo has not and will not make any disparaging remarks about any country and her people, let alone a very strategic partner like the Federal Republic of Nigeria and her people.

“Clearly, this is the work of people, who hate the progress, the two leaders are making to forge more deepened and strategic relations. The said publication is false and should be seen as the work of detractors, who want to sow discord between our leaders and people.”

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